I am Carl Emil and Sixth Sensor is an alias for my cultural, commercial and educational work life. I explore the machine as a generative medium and craft audiovisual interactive systems that aid understanding, provoke reflection, encourage creativity or simply yield an aesthetic experience.

Ever since I understood that the complex beauty of natural phenomena can be simulated and taken in artistic directions I have been absolutely hooked. The moment I wrote my first algorithm the computer transformed from a dumb tool to a genie. Why sculpt every leaf in a forest when you can code just a single seed?


I hold an MA grade in Interactive Media from Kolding School of Design (2008) and have since specialised in the programming of generative graphics for a wide range of contexts.


I am a co-founder of Science Friction, an art and technology collective located in Copenhagen, and founder of Lydfelt, a soundscape workshop for kids using specialised software.


I've been exhibiting and performing interactive works since 2003. Most of my projects are centred around three core interests; the synaesthetic interplay between auditive and visual expressions, the increasingly blurry borderland between virtual and physical spaces and nature inspired generative procedures. My work often utilise sensors and custom built screens to create illusions of virtual objects appearing in physical environments. I employ procedural and generative methods to reach expressions beyond what I am capable of producing by hand.

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I consult and freelance for companies and individuals. I am hired on a project basis and typically work closely together with in-house design teams.

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As a teacher I am naturally interested in what inspires an immersive learning process. Personally, since I realised the creative potential of combining music and art with computer programming I have regretted how much I neglected my math teacher in elementary school. I believe that interdisciplinary theoretical and practical studies in art and science has great potential for producing passionate students.

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