Design and development of interactive experiences

Sixth Sensor is Carl Emil Carlsen’s alias as an interaction designer. Apart from his media art endeavors at and lecturing, he is recruited on a project basis by agencies, companies, and cultural institutions. The context varies between theatre productions, product design, toy design, museum interfaces, and experiences for commercial expos and events. The speciality is interactive generative graphics, mixed-reality and new interfaces. He is based in Copenhagen and is open for temporary relocation.

Sixth Sensor is an Asset Store publisher.




Royal Danish Theatre, Danish Broadcasting Company, The Culture Yard, Danish Technical University, Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, PauseAble, Ustwo, Yoke, The Alexandra Institute, Make, Dark Matters, Vertigo, Makropol, Shift Control, Perstorp, and more. Via the above: Lego, Hasbro, Den Blå Planet, Novo Nordisk, The Danish Castle Cenre, Glasmuseet Ebeltoft, and more.


mail ⋀ sixthsensor ⊙ dk
(+45) 28 93 81 28